Join the ‘Yes She Matters’ Campaign today!

‘Yes She Matters’ is dedicated to the elimination of trafficking, sexual exploitation and physical abuse of women and children across the globe.

The ‘Yes She Matters’ program provides women an opportunity no matter their race, religion or documented status, to receive immediate help if they have been raped, sexually assaulted, abused or caught in domestic violence.

The ‘Yes She Matters’ Emergency Assistance Team are all female and trained across several fields; Psychology, Mental Health, Counselling, Trauma Care, Optimal Situational Awareness and Reality Based Self Defence. We are on call 24/7 and provide immediate help meeting victims in their homes, at the police station or local hospital.

We provide Emergency Packs (clothes, undergarments, sanitary items, toiletries), a ‘Yes She Matters’ Case Advocate to offer one on one support (especially during police interviews & medical exams), Mental Health support, and Training options, Personal Protection and Safety Plans.

“We are ready to listen, even if you are not ready to speak.”

We are working in collaboration with the Thai Government, Royal Thai Police, Thai Immigration, the Mae Sot General Hospital and local Organisations to best utilise existing services.

‘Yes She Matters’ needs you! 

You can help right now by giving our Facebook page a ‘like’ or you can ‘follow us’ on Instagram and Twitter. If you prefer to avoid social media you can follow the ‘Yes She Matters’ campaign by signing up for email updates and if possible make a donation to help women in their darkest moments. Stand with us, show your support and share with your friends.

Join the ‘Yes She Matters’ Campaign today!


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