A moment in time!


Try and picture, just for a minute, being so doped up on pills that you aren’t aware of what’s happening.

When you wake up your brain is foggy, like you’re underwater. You can feel the sharp pain in your pelvis when you move and your thighs ache, but you’re not sure why. Your chest is sore and feels wet. You roll over and there is blood smeared on your skin above your knee.

The realization hits you … its happened again …. your Uncle has raped you again.

You are too afraid to weep, so you lay there and stay silent. You try to muster the courage to leave knowing its not safe, but you have no where to go, so you lay there and stay silent.

Your Aunty returns from the market and asks why you are napping. Swallowing your emotions, you drag yourself off the floor and begin doing chores.

This was the reality of a 12 year old girl for over a year.

This is one moment in her very detailed story, that hasn’t finished being written.

This is why ‘Yes She Matters’ exists.

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